Community Calender

September 2020
Thursday - 3 September
14 Elul
Community Event
Solidarity Event For Our Jewish Sisters In Southern Israel Under Fire From Gaza Time : 10:00 AM - BS”D ATTENTION! Our Jewish Sisters are suffering in Southern Israel! Daily Balloon Bombings buzz overhead and burst into terrifying flames traumatizing infants and children, young and old, r”l. Acres and acres of farmland and produce have been burnt and destroyed by Hamas as it wages war against Israel, r”l. Join Us for an event in Solidarity with our Jewish sisters in Southern Israel Thursday, September 3, 2020 Stop by anytime from 10am to 4pm outdoors in the backyard 1714 President Street Meet, via Zoom, our sisters who live there, to hear their story Join in giving tzedakah to several organizations helping our fellow Jews under fire Join in saying Tehillim for their safety Join in learning the Rebbe’s directives for bringing true peace to Eretz Yisroel Light refreshments will be served and please remember to wear a mask Tamar Adelstein, coordinator Crown Hts. Women for the Safety & Integrity of Israel 718-774-0914
   1714 President St