Community Calender

September 2019
Tuesday - 24 September
24 Elul
Mendel Cunin (Malibu, Ca ) to Bina Gorman (Toronto, Canada)
   Beis Levi Yitzchok - 556 Crown Street - Corner Albany Avenue
Community Event
Chjcc. Self- Defense Program Time : 5:00 PM - Chjcc New Gym. BITACHON FRUM DEFENSE 5-5.45pm. Sport program for boys 6-9years.Develops concentration, self-control, discipline. Jewish method of starting to learn self-defense for boys 7-12years. 7pm.-8pm. Self defense class for Bar Mizva boys. 718 288 2947. Alexander Tubis.
   Chjcc New Gym. 899 Montgomery
Community Event
Pilates Class For Women Time : 7:15 PM - Join pilates for women on Tuesday at 7:15 PM at 499 Crown St. Bring a mat and invite your friends.
   499 Crown St