BREAKING: Crown Heights United Announces Primary Endorsements

Dear Resident,

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, there will be an election for Assemblymember, Governor, and District Leaders.

We are facing tremendous challenges regarding Yeshiva education in the months ahead and it is critically important that the community comes out and votes.

Crown Heights generated over twenty thousand signatures in support of Yeshiva education. We need to make our voices heard at the polls as well.

As of today, Crown Heights United has endorsed Brian Cunningham for Assembly, Sarana Purcell for District Leader, and Edu Hermelyn for District Leader.

Assemblymember Brian Cunningham, Edu and Sarana, have expressed strong support for yeshivas and stand a hundred behind the community on these issues. This election could affect the future of our Chinuch.

For those in the outskirts of Crown Heights, and in the 57th Assembly and the 56th Assembly Districts, Crown Heights United endorses Olanike Alabi for Assemblywoman in the 57th, and Stephanie Zinerman for the Assemblywoman in the 56th.

These endorsements were made in consultation with local Askonim and Mosdos.

Crown Heights United is attempting to represent the united view of the community.

We encourage everyone to please come out and vote to help ensure that our community remains relevant.

If you will be out of town on June 28th, you can vote early starting Sunday, June 19, through Sunday, June 26th. The early voting site is usually different than the regular voting site.

Lookup your early voting site and Election Day site here

Chaplain (Col) Jacob Goldstein
Rabbi Shea Hecht
Rabbi Lazer Avtzon
Rabbi Yossi Gorelik
Rabbi Shlomie Hecht

Yaacov Behrman
Shaya Gordon
Yossi Hershkop
Yossi Hackner
Avi Leches
Menachem Light
Yankee Pearson

“As mothers involved in the protect chinuch campaign, this primary election is the first step of many that can hopefully bring about a positive result if the intrusion in to our Yeshivas gets to the Legislature. Voting in this election is the way to do that”

Ruthie Sperlin
Hindy Greisman
Rivky Perl
Sarah Blau
Chanalle Lipsker

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