Going To Vote Tuesday? Rides Are Available

by CrownHeights.info

A massive effort to get Crown Heights residents out to the voting booths for the Democratic Primaries this year is coming to a climax this Tuesday.

The June 22nd Primary election will decide who will be running for elected offices for the Democratic Party, and as this is New York City, who will be the likely winners.

To help Crown Heights residents vote, community volunteers have arranged rides for anyone unable to make it on their own, and ask that you email them at Anashvoting@gmail.com, or call them at (323) 316-5224 to schedule a ride.

Facing the possibility of an outright anti-Israel and socialist City Council representative, the Askanim of Crown Heights banded together in a Unified group unseen in over twenty years, launching a campaign against voter apathy that has seen remarkable success.

The group, called United Crown Heights, gave a unified set of endorsements, and provided clear instructions and guidance published widely in the community.

To find information on the election, endorsements, voting locations and more, visit saveourshchuna.com.

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