Rabbonim Outline Guidelines For Aseres Hadibros Leining

by CrownHeights.info

Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Braun of the Crown Heights Bais Din released a series of guidelines for the reading of the Aseres Hadibros over Shavuos.

The letter, dated Beis Sivan, highlights pertinent issues associated with hearing Krias Hatorah and the Aseres Hadibros this year.

  1. The Rabbonim reiterate that any leinings that take place must follow the rules put in place by the government. They also stress that leinings may not take place with even the worry that they will place a person in danger.
  2. Taking a Sefer Torah out in public is a Bezayon, and utmost care should be taken in regards.
  3. Aseres Hadibros may not be read separate from the rest of the parsha, so each leining must include the entire days Torah portion.
  4. A mechiza, which blocks the woman from the men’s view, is a necessity when woman are joining a Minyan, even when outdoors.
  5. Due to the present situation, leining may take place at porch Minyanim, and multiple leinings may take place so long as each Minyan are made up of six who have not yet heard Krias Hatorah.
  6. If Minyanim can be made exclusively for those who are elderly and whom the Doctors have said that they should not be around children or young adults, they may do so. Otherwise, they should not join a Minyan due to the danger to them.
  7. Reiterating that these guidelines are only for situations where there is no danger at all to the participants.

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