Crown Heights Bais Din Clarifies Position On the “Reopening” of the Community


The Bais Din of Crown Heights has published a letter clarifying it’s position on the hopeful “reopening” of the Crown Heights Jewish community.

“As there is serious discussion about “Reopening” in general and within our community, obviously in accordance with legal and medical guidelines, and more specifically in our community as per solid data (reviewed by statisticians and medical professionals) about where the community stands now, The Badatz wishes to advise the following:”

The Rabbonim went on to list five points, firstly that all restrictions from legal and medical professionals must be adhered to.

The Rabbonim then went remove restrictions on porch minyanim enacted in a previous letter, and clarified its reasoning for enacting previous restriction on the community, before stating that all further decisions would be made by the appropriate legal and medical authorities.

The letter, under the names of Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Braun concluded with a wish that such advisories from the Bais Din will no longer be needed, and its function would return to normal.

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