Guidelines For The Levaya Of Rabbi Leibel Groner OBM


Last night, the 14th of Nissan 5780, Lubavitch lost Rabbi Yehuda Leib Groner OBM, one of the Rebbe’s secretariat and a person with one of the closest connections with the Rebbe.

While many wish to join the Levaya, due to the current situation, strict guidelines have been put in place to minimize the risk to the community while allowing people to give Kovod Hames.

The Levaya will begin in Crown Heights at 9:30am.

With the guidance of the Rabbonim and Chevra Kadisha, the family asks that no one come to 770 while the Levaya stops there.

The Levaya will first make a complete round of all Crown Heights streets to allow all those who wish to ask Mechila to do so from their front porch or doorway.

“Please maintain social distance and follow the guidelines for a Levaya,” the family wrote in a request to the community. “Not to ח”ו cause a חילול השם and a ביזיון to the נפטר as this Levaya will be watched all over the world.”

The Aron will be passing by the shechuna on the published route, NO ONE should approach the procession as it goes by, do NOT stand on the side walk, NO ONE should go with the Aron to the Bais Hachaim.

“We want it to be a kovod for Lubavitch as well as for the Niftar.”

Important guidelines for a Levaya ר”ל

Due to the current situation, we have to bring to the attention of the public שי’ the current guidelines that must be adhered to.
1. At 770 and any other stop in Crown Heights, there is no need to go over to the Aron to ask for Mechila. It can be done from far away; a porch, a front door etc. Coming too close can cause risk to multiple individuals. At no time may anyone gather around the car of the niftar/es. No one may come within 10 feet of the car. These stops will last for one minute only and the back door of the car will not be opened.
2. In the event that there is a family member who needs to do Kriah and he/she is not able to go to the cemetery, a stop will be arranged in front of their house, and only he/she will perform Kria in Crown Heights.
3. At the cemetery, only up to 10 men will be allowed, including the Aveilim. If female Aveilos are present, there may only be up to 10 women, including the Aveilos.
4. Unless it is for an immediate relative, there should be no FaceTiming of Levayos. It is a Bizayon for the Niftar and -Lehavdil- the living (unless it’s strictly for family). Obviously, these are not to be recorded or forwarded.
בברכה שיקויים הייעוד ומחה ה’ דמעה מעל כל פנים, והקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר.

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