Hamafitz STaM Gets Hechsher

In the wake of an alleged mezuzah scandal, and a wave of public worry, Hamafitz STaM gets a Hechsher on all its STaM sold.

by crownheights.info

The alleged mezuzah scandal that rocked the Crown Heights community has brought about some change.

Rabbi Wolf of Chicago had spearheaded an video experiment that labelled many Sofrim and establishments selling STaM in Crown Heights as selling not kosher mezuzos.

The stores and individuals targeted fired back, publishing statements that the creator of the video was bias, showing inconsistencies in the video. They also staunchly hold that the mezuzos are not pasul, and that the Halachos spoken about in the video are being improperly used.

In an attempt to grow confidence and stop any worry, Hamafitz STaM has received a letter signed by Rabbi Yehudah Benchemhoun certifying all STaM sold by Hamafitz STaM as kosher. In his letter he writes that there is no doubt as to the kashrus of the STaM, and are worthy of being used with a Brocho.


    • 2. Yossi wrote:

      True he works there.
      WHY would his son, Menachem, go there with his video shtick!!!!

    • 3. What's wrong with that? wrote:

      It’s called Hashgocha Protis (personal hashgocha)! Why can’t the fox watch the chichen coop?

  • 4. Misleading title wrote:

    It’s not a Hechsher….
    It is a strong statement by the sofer of that establishment assuming full responsibility on the kashrus of the items checked by him, and inviting any concerned customer to discuss h8s concerns with the sofer.

  • 5. Yossi wrote:

    Yes hes been working there for years. He’s the guy who checks by them….

    I dont know what the point of this letter is other than to mislead…nothing has changed.

    The issues with the mezuzos he checked can be seen online for all to see. If you are in doubt, I’d suggest forwarding them to a rabbi or sofer you trust for an opinion before deciding if he is legit

  • 6. Customer wrote:

    So why were 9 out of 10 posul from that store. Can someone please explain that? Why are we trusting him/them now?

    • 7. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

      Which rav said they were posul? That is the real problem…people aren’t asking rabbonim

  • 8. Chaya wrote:

    He is endorsing all future Mezuzas by taking personal responsibility (money-back guarantee) that they will all be checked by him before they are sold. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. And let’s be positive for once, instead of adding a negative spin on this.

  • 10. N.S. wrote:

    Regarding the Sofer if he is going to put his signature on every mezuzah or tefilin that he checked and verify 100% Kosher it is a major improvement.

    Certainly, when there will probably be a follow-up investigation.


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