VH Sauces Removes Kosher Certification

A popular brand of Asian style sauces has recently removed kosher certification from all its products.

by CrownHeights.info

The North American conglomerate ConAgra Brands has made the decision not to pursue further kosher certification on the following list of condiments and food products under its popular VH Sauces brand, according to an advisory from the OK Kosher certification agency.

The items that are affected includes sauces that are popular in the preparation of Asian style food dishes such as general tao and teriyaki chicken among many others.

“It can take up to two months for items that were still certified as kosher to exit the supply chain” said a representative at the OK, and that items currently on the shelves with the OK symbol are still certified kosher.

CrownHeights.info has found that companies greatly value consumer demand – if you feel that you would like to see these products kosher (as well as any other products), we suggest contacting the company directly via their website, vhsauces.conagrafoods.ca.


  • 2. Best sauces wrote:

    We use the Mikee Aisan sauces. The’re very good quality and amazing flavors.

  • 3. con agra is becoming more treif wrote:

    con agra owns absolutely treif hebrew national also….they DO NOT CARE about kosher. Soon other brands could be next.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      Hebrew National is not “absolutely treif”. It’s not very mehudar and I don’t recommend that anyone reading this should eat it, but al pi din it’s kosher.


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