“Andy Boy” Grower Says their Romaine is Safe

D’Arrigo Bros. of California, the growers and distributors of romaine lettuce brand “Andy Boy,” says that they are not involved in any recalls and that there is no disruption in their shipping their product.

Last week news of an E. Coli outbreak, that is linked to romaine lettuce, reportedly sickens dozens across the United States and Canada, spread and the source of the contamination is still not known.

In response to many questions about the safety of their brand, the growers of “Andy Boy” sent a letter from Ken Stearns, their safety director, to sellers that their product is safe and that there are no recalls. They note that they will continue to monitor the situation.

The letter was posted by Mr. Greens, a Crown Heights produce shop on Albany Avenue, on their facebook page.


  • 1. A wrote:

    No company is involved in any recalls. There is currently no information linking (or excluding) a specific brand.

    • 2. Milhouse wrote:

      There isn’t even really information definitely linking it to romaine lettuce at all; it’s still speculation. The truth is it could be almost anything.


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