Stories that Made Headlines in 5777

With the year 5777 coming to close, we take a look back at some of the most popular and engaging stories of the past year – from the stories that inspired us to those that unfortunately saddened us. We also take a look at some interesting Mazal Tov and social media statistics.

The top 15 most read stories of 5777:


1) Ivanka and Jared Choose Chabad Synagogue

2) School Aims to Raise Crown Heights Tznius Standards

3) Rabbis and Activists Visit the Pope

4) Chabad MMA Fighter Killed in Home Invasion

5) Cleaning Lady Arrested After Multiple Thefts Discovered

6) Elie Wiesel on his Beliefs

This article was originally published in August of 2006 and due to the passing of Mr. Wiesel this article got redistributed by dozens of news outlets and over social media, leading it to become one of the most read articles of the year.

7) Israeli Company Creates Breakthrough Parkinson’s Treatment

8) Lubavitcher Sues Eshel over For-Profit Hotel

9) A Sparkling Wedding Miracle

10) Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Dovid Ciment, 26, OBM

11) Kallah Educator Speaks Out Regarding ‘Tahor’ App

12) Pizza Wars, Beis Din, and the New York Times

13) My Son Was Hit By a Car; the Driver Didn’t Apologize

14) Axanya: The Jewish Answer to Airbnb

15) 14 Frum Jews Arrested for Medicaid Fraud

Social Media Statistics:

The following are the top posts from our widely popular facebook page – which often features exclusive content.

Aaron Rajman, Chabad MMA Fighter, Murdered in S. Florida Home Invasion – reached 65,385 people and received 1,795 reactions, comments and shares.

8th Day Performs the National Anthem at Miami Marlins Baseball… – reached 61,967 and received 914 reactions, comments and shares – 17,095 Video Views.

Ivanka and Jared Choose New Home, Chabad Synagogue in D.C. – reached 60,860 and received 1,991 reactions, comments and shares.

Moment a Man Escapes Unscrached from an Aron Kodesh Safe Weighing at Least a Ton that Fell on Him! – reached 30,507 and received 269 reactions, comments and shares – 9,948 Video Views.

13-Year-Old Boy Hit By Car Wakes Up from Coma – reached 25.336 and received 1,076 reactions, comments and shares.

A Lubavitcher activist who was brutally beaten and robbed in Ukraine has passed away after spending nearly seven months in a coma. Hashem Yikom Domo. – reached 22,554 and received 716 reactions, comments and shares.


Other Notable Statistics:


Throughout the year 5777 we posted 2788 articles and 588 mazal tov posts. These were read by 912,571 unique readers who loaded a combined whopping 13,331,672 pageviews!

Mazal Tov!

Over the year 5777, reported the engagements of 194 couples.

We also reported the births of 237 baby boys, 117 baby girls and sets of twins.

There were 702 events submitted to our community events calendar, these include weddings, lechaims, farbrengens and Shiurim.

(Note: Baby boys are more commonly reported due to Sholom Zochor announcements).

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