R’ Yoel Kahan’s Farbrengen Interrupted by Hoodlums

Last night, Tuesday, the students of the central Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim sat down in 770 for a Farbrengen with their revered Mashpia Reb Yoel Kahan, the Rebbe’s Chozer, in honor of the 120th anniversary of the Yeshiva’s founding. Unlike the vast majority of students, a select few hoodlums saw this as an opportunity for troublemaking.

The Farbrengen was routinely interrupted by loud singing of “Yechi,” Reb Yoel’s microphone was cut, and a nursery rhyme was played over the loudspeakers. Some scuffles occurred as well, among other upsetting disturbances.

Attendees of the Farbrengen told CrownHeights.info that these interruptions were the work of newly-arrived ‘Tzfatim,’ extremists from a few Israeli Yeshivas who arrived in ‘Kvutzeh’ not to learn, but to stir up trouble.

Such disturbances in 770 are common during the early months of the Yeshiva year, as the new arrivals feel the need to prove themselves to their elder colleagues from the previous year, who will be leaving after Tishrei.


  • 2. What's weird is... wrote:

    Perhaps all this shenanigans can be shut down, with:
    1) Follow the 770 money trail.
    2) A call or threat to US immigration, and/or the Israeli govt.

    that this has been going on for so many years, and still continues, makes me believe that there’s an inside story here somewhere.

  • 6. Shameless tzfatim wrote:

    Embarrassment!!! Forget any politics these guys have no shame !! Reb Yoel a holy sweet Jew lives his whole life for chassidus and the rebbe …. when you disrespect him u disrespect chassidus and the rebbe

  • 9. Enough already! wrote:

    These animals have to go and we shouldn’t allow bochurim in our community if they can’t respect basic rules of mentchlichkeit.

  • 11. Terroristim wrote:

    If the gabboim finally managed to regain control of the Gaza strip they wouldn’t be able to play anything on the speaker’s since the controls for the video and speaker system are over there

  • 13. Deport them! wrote:

    Blame Mendel Hendel & end this nonsense by revoking these guys’ visas. And when they get back, let the IDF have them because they have not stayed in Yeshiva. Send them to Gaza to deal with those troublemaking animals, they are cut from the same cloth. Terrorists.

  • 14. dr wrote:

    who are the rosh yeshivas, or dare I ask such a question. these are boys who are very confused and they are disguising it as enthusiasm. Very troubling. Don’t they know the basics, that THE REBBE does not want fighting? Do they really believe that kedusha and positive outcome will come from acting this way? I think its a way for them to get attention which they never properly got in their childhoods.
    what can really be done about this, it is way too painful to think of this happening. they don’t care that it disturbs so many people

  • 15. Former Crown Heightser wrote:

    So happy I took my family out of Crown Heights.
    The hatred and extremism is on both sides, not just Yechi.
    Ain Mitzvah Baah Al Yidei Aveira doesn’t apply with you guys.
    Happy I left

    • 16. CHER wrote:

      770 is not Crown Heights.

      Crown Heights has a lot of great people who do a lot of great things.

      How and what did you volunteer in or for when you were living in CH?

      You left CH, you live somewhere else, good for you, all of Hashems blessings. No need to bash ALL of CH.

      As a side note: The statement “The hatred and extremism is on both sides” is false. It’s simply not realty. It’s a cop-out and a lazy response.

    • 17. Chaim wrote:

      “The hatred and extremism is on both sides,”

      I see and have seen evidence of ONE SIDE being extremist and showing baseless hate. Do you have evidence that it’s BOTH SIDE?
      Post a video, a link, something to back up this claim.
      We are waiting……..

    • 19. Chaim wrote:

      If ‘No One’ cares, what is he going to do about it?
      Btw, is ‘No One’ by any chance related to ‘Everybody Knows’, or ‘Somebody’?


  • 20. Can't wait to see them end up in jail wrote:

    ISIS, Israeli Students In Seven seventy.
    They are just like them, they are all about propaganda and taking the shit out of people’s lives, and they like by the stupid flag, they have no life and want to ruin others.
    The truth is, that it’s not just Israelis, there are also terrisem from the American extremist, like chaim.groosbowm

  • 21. Bill wrote:

    When Israel sends its people they’re not sending you, they’re not sending you, they’re sending people who are – tzefatim

  • 23. to #13 wrote:

    talk for yourself, we live here and this must stop!
    why is that guy still around after he was caught stealing from 770 upstairs

  • 24. anonymous wrote:

    as an american bochur learning in 770 i see that the anti Israelis are just as bad as the tzfatim all of them should be sent back to israel

  • 25. Hard to watch wrote:

    Very disturbing.

    Btw the guy in pic #5 looks familiar not a newcomer to 770 but definitely not a newcomer to mischief..I think he was involved with some other 770 incident.

  • 26. Grossbaum again ? wrote:

    Just about a month ago he was doing merkaz shlichus & contributing to society, unfortunately from these pics we see that he’s back to his old ways, especially in the month of Elul which is a month of Tshuvah & introspection, I don’t understand why he is doing these nasty things, he already has a horrible, terrible, disgusting, abhorrent, sick reputation, why does he want to mess up his life even more, it’s bad enough that he is looked & judged upon as a real Scumbag & Low Life, doesn’t he want a better life for himself & be respected by ppl instead of being looked down upon & as a Big Loser ? Doesn’t he want to BE”H 1 day wana find a nice attractive beautiful young lady ? I would stop now & get a good psychiatrist & get the help that I need if I were him !!! Get Help Now !! U need it Seriously !!

    • 30. Anonymous wrote:

      What a nonsensical question. Why could they not take their fits of violence to Beis Rivkah or the Kollel? Your “as usual” is a beautiful icing on the cake.

    • 32. Duh wrote:

      Because the point of the gathering was to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of Tomchei Temimim.

  • 33. Chaim G wrote:

    I’m glad to see such a report, surely you’ll also post the recording of the actual Farbrengen?

  • 35. Proud Meshachist and mom of a former IDF lone soldier. wrote:

    This is the Rebbes home but I too am glad we left. What a chillul Hashem. Don’t blame all meshachists. These are Israeli horrible kids. Send them back. Why would the IDF want them. Too much going on here for our children to see and here.

  • 36. disappointed wrote:

    #1 where are The Rosh Yeshivas? Zarchi this means you etc. Did they even bother to lay down the rules before hand? doubtful Yes The Bochurim are wrong but The primary Blame goes to The Rosh Yeshivas heer & also abroad they are in charge of the Bachurim ( or is it the other way around? Derech Eretz etc. seemingly is not being taught & enforced call a spade a spade. Its high time for a New Hanhala one that can lay down the law & enforce it! As for He Bachurim that did the interruption an example must be made & they should be booted now before Tishrei Last but not least shame on Ch.info for publicizing Lashon Harah!! & giving them publicity etc!

    • 37. some facts wrote:

      As you can see the whole hanhalah was sitting there addressing the students.
      Earlier on Rabbi Labkowski spoke at length about tolerating people who have a different view. there are 12 tribes but yerushalayim isn’t divided he quoted. You are all entitled to your own views but 770 doesn’t allow for division.
      In the video and pictures we see the mashgiach rabbi Bluming dealing with the trouble makers. He can be seen knocking a phone out of someone’s hand.
      Don’t say they aren’t trying.

  • 38. Yankel Todres wrote:


    Maybe a fund could be established to hire a private security firm to be present at all public functions. (As Trump would say, we could make the Tzfasim pay for it themselves.) A couple of impressive looking “bouncers” (possibly Goyim) who take their jobs seriously should be able to deter even the Tzafsim.

    • 39. Worried wrote:

      That seems like a bad idea to me…in general it isn’t a good thing to get non-Jews involved in machloksim between yidden. Look at the churban bayis sheini, for instance.

  • 42. Joey wrote:

    מצוה לפרסם עושי מצוה
    Thank you Chaim Grossbaum for all your contributions to society.

    Your transport to Bellevue psych ward will be arriving momentarily.

  • 43. Anonymous wrote:

    “G-d stands over him, and the whole earth is full of His glory, and He searches his mind and heart (to see) if he is serving Him as is fitting.” (Tanya, Chapter 41)

  • 44. To 25 wrote:

    The question that we are all trying to solve is, why he should Farbreng elsewhere?????????????

    Please clarify

  • 45. To 17 wrote:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for writing that, and so should CHI for posting that repulsive word! THAT is why things are, how they are – because those who can make a difference refuse to step up to the plate. This is an embarrassment to the Rebbe and Chabad!!

  • 46. so proud of my son who went to kvutza wrote:

    As a mother who sent my son to crown heights kvutza its so nice to see 23 years after the rebbe being nifter my son wants to go a get the kedusha and chizuk from spending the year in the rebbes shuchuna and im so proud .i asked my son was it one of the kvutza boys he said it was a american boy .please give the kvutza boys a chance

  • 47. NoYechi770InJerusalem wrote:

    Have the yechi yodelers no shame?
    Have them deported back here to Israel & drafted into the IDF where at least they can do some good if they are not there learning!!!

  • 48. I'm joining the Ohel camp wrote:

    I had enough of this craziness. I Just need to go Shabbos and Yom Tov to the Ohel and just get away from all this craziness. If this is what the Meshachist protocol is. Just need to go to a quiet place like the Ohel.

  • 49. with the old breed wrote:

    It looks to me that you all missed the boat, the goal of a Yeshiva is to help children not hurt them, Do any of you even think what would the Rebbe do? Or any of our Holy Fathers the founders of our Yeshivas. Is this what we have become and what will be our future if we do not invest in our children. If we all do not return to basics this will be the norm. If this continues nothing will be left.

  • 51. To #28 wrote:

    Reb Yoel doesn’t have to Farbreng in BR (Bais Rivka) or the Kollel, he has every right & authority to Farbreng in 770, just bec a bunch of Loser Morons want to bring him down & disrupt his Farbrengen isn’t a reason that he has to go somewhere else, Fakert he has every right to be there, why should he move bec of them, let them go to Hell with their nonsense, stupidity, Moronicness, how could u even say something like he should go somewhere else, he is the head Mashpia @ 770, these Losers need to learn to respect Great ppl who know a lot more & better than them, they are the ones who need to see therapists & psychiatrists immediately, & seek help for their Serious Issues right away, Reb Yoel doesn’t have to move for no one, these Losers could go Hell, I’m sorry to say that, but this is the Darn truth, enough of their nastyness & rudeness, the Rebbe would kick these Losers out of 770, regarding Chaim Grossbaum he needs a full time job that keeps him busy from 9 – 10 pm that will keep him out of trouble, besides for the fact that he needs Major Serious Help,

  • 52. To: Joey #40 wrote:

    Yes Yes Yes, he must & should be taken to a psych facility right away & be evaluated, he shows to everyone that he is seriously not well mentally at all, why doesn’t someone call the police & have him take to the nearest psych ward in Bklyn that is closest to CH, otherwise he will never get the help that he truly needs. Joey your absolutely 100% correct, but who will be the 1 to call police or an Ambulance, it has to be an Hanhalah & I think Rabbi Bluming is the 1 to take this charge, we all clearly see that he has mental health issues. If we don’t put him in a psych facility now, he will never get the help that he really needs & everyone else will continue 2 be miserable !!

  • 53. To #20 wrote:

    I totally agree with you on the fact that they are like ISIS, and they only know how to ruin everything that comes there way,

  • 54. Free Loading/Lodging wrote:


    All this terror, and all this crime comes straight out of 749 Eastern Parkway, the property of the Yeshiva, which has been relinquished and given up by the administration and hanholo.

    If the building was taken away these lepers would all have to find a place to live and pay MONEY for rent, they would have all been long gone.

    The fact that we dont demand that this nonsense be stopped – it is our own fault.


  • 56. Berel wrote:

    Ok how many yidden am I allowed to hate now because of these kids. All Israelis or just meschistim, all meshichistim or only zfatis, all zfatis or just kevutsa, all the kevutza or just the principals. It’s hard to keep up.

  • 57. Jonny wrote:

    I think that when they brought r’yoel down to farbreng they where asking for trouble.also when rabbi zimroni tzik a mishichist rabbi farbrenged in 770 the antis cut the wire of the mike. So dont make them seem so innocent

  • 58. Larry wrote:

    One think is for sure no matter what you’re opinion is we can all agree that we can learn from the tzfatim to stick for what they believe is right and is true.maybe the manner was wrong. However it comes from a very good thing .

  • 59. Moishe pipek wrote:

    If the enire Sanhedin finds somebody guilty he is declared innocent.Since you all condemm the Tsaf people they must be Declared innocent. They did not
    grow like wild mushrooms they are part of Lubavich history.Yoel khan was a participant in it He said one thing than he changed his mind. In short the chickens are comming home to roost.

  • 60. Occupied Territory wrote:

    770 has been an Occupied Territory for a long time. The signs on the walls of Yechi etc. announce that the building does not belong to the community but to a small group of violent squatters. We have lost 770 as our shul just as the Yeshiva lost 749. There is nothing we can do.

  • 61. Mendy wrote:

    This is absolutely sickening.
    And why on Earth isn’t this Grossman sitting in jail for the crime he committed about two months ago????
    Have we become ponevetz rch”l??????!!!

  • 62. Joel wrote:

    Go tzfatim!we are very proud !keep up the good work.and bring moshiach.keep on reminding r’yoel about yechi.!after all he was the one that created you guys.so let him remember it.

  • 65. stop being so anti meshiachist wrote:

    i know 2 great boys that went to tzvas yeshiva fallowed by kvutza they do nothing of the sort and have great respect for the special chasidim such as yoel kahn please dont blame it on the fact that they are meshiachist

  • 67. 770 bocher wrote:

    Understandable this comes from the lack of mashpiem in 770 for that groop who can tell them it’s wrong…..
    The same with the Ohel problem…..

  • 68. To #59 wrote:

    Zone 770 has been chassid-rein for many years. Chassidim daven in local shuls/shteiblech. Few venture to step in to 770. That is the reality. I consider it like Har Habayis – the Arabs run it and religious Jews don’t venture there till Moshiach arrives.

  • 69. Mesira wrote:

    Deportation or any other action outside of Rabbonim is called “Mesirah”. Religious Jews do nor masser. Period.

  • 70. Sydney Australia wrote:

    No one will see this comment because its been a few days since this happened but I decided to write it anyways…
    There needs to be some order in the Rebbe’s shul, beis chayenu! How is it possible that this could happen?!? The chossid and gaon who knows the most chabad chassidus today and epitomizes tomchei temimim and then on the day celebrating tomchei temimim, the crazy hooligans planning on “learning” under Reb Yoel muck up his fabrengen with such shtusim!???! It doesn’t make sense! It must stop! Someone needs to teach this mushegene tzfatim some derech eretz! They show a low standard or respect and chassidus is based on loving your fellow jew and NOT acting like terrorists or screwing up a fabrengen by someone who has 1000 times more hiskashrus then them!!!
    Down with the tzfati behaviors!

  • 71. Reply to 69 wrote:

    I read your comment: Reb- Yoel may be knowlegeable in Chassisus but does not give in the right to speak against the Rebbe MH’m Sichos . The Tzafatim are doing all this for the rebbe’s Kovod. They are the Rebbe’s children. They are all Boki in the 51-52 Sichos that Reb Yoel forgot.

  • 72. A flea wrote:

    זבוב אומר: בשעה שאין ישראל עוסקים בתורה קול אמר קרא ואמר מה אקרה כל הבשר חחציר וכל חסדו כציץ השדה

    יבש חציר נבל ציץ ודבר אל-ה-י-נ-ו יקום לעולם
    Isaiah – 40.6

    בורא ניב שפתים שלום שלום לרחוק ולקרוב
    אמר י-ה-ו-ה ורפאתיו
    Isaiah – 57.19

    The flea says: When she sees Israel is giving up on the study of Torah. A voice says: -Proclaim ! -And what should I proclaim ? -Each flesh is like the grass, and its goodness is but a wildflower. The grass dries, the flower withers but the Word of Hashem will last forever.
    Isaiah – 40.6

    The Creator of the Word: Peace. Peace to the farest and the closest, says Hashem and I heal him.
    Ibid – 57.19
    The above is extracted from Perek Chira. The teachings of the flea.

    Techouva is possible at anytime. Those we could consider the worst are Hashem’s beloved ones. Shana tova to all Am Israel. Shana tova to Rav Yoel Kahan and all Chabad, thank you. Live long, healthy and prosper.

    • 73. A flea wrote:

      זבוב is a fly (and not a flea like translated previously)

      A double portion of blessings for a good and sweet year. Shall we go all from strength to strength. Amen.


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