Parents Propose Paying Tuition to Teachers Directly

A proposal by Beth Rivkah parents to redirect their tuition checks to pay striking teachers directly was appreciated – yet rejected, and some involved said that in all likelihood school for grades 1 to 3 will not resume this year.

The following unsigned letter was circulated among the whatsapp groups of the various affected classes:

Dear Parents,

Representatives from each class of 1-3 met tonight. A representative from the board came to the meeting. He has asked that we give him until Tuesday for the board to work on their solution.

If Chas veshalom this does not occur, we the parents commit to withholding tuition until a solution is found to the teachers’ satisfaction.

We commit to work directly with the teachers, paying them directly so that they can teach our students each day. A financial offer has been sent to the staff and we will let you know as soon as we hear back from them Please stand with us, as we will only be able to accomplish anything if we stand as a united front.

We will let you know once we hear from the board and from the teachers and what action should follow.

In response the following letter was sent by the teachers:

Dear Parents,

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received and continue to receive from the parent body. It means a lot to us at times like this.

You, the parents, are frustrated and rightfully so- we are too! Every moment that our students and your precious children are not in school is unacceptable. We are truly uncomfortable that we have to strike, but with the guidance of a mashpia, it was a move we were forced to make. We are doing everything in our power to find a solution, but there is much beyond our control.

Parents, we are doing all we can! All we can suggest is that parents put pressure on the relevant bodies to solve this issue ASAP in a halachik and chassidish way that befits our school.

Multiple parents reached out to let us know that there is a growing feeling among parents to divert their tuition payments to offer teachers direct pay. Although this is very generous and appreciated, we would prefer a long term plan which solves the whole issue. We NEED a solution for last year’s paychecks, this year’s, and iyh for a concrete plan to ensure our school’s financial long-term stability.

Now that we have outlined our position and feelings in this letter, and since the situation is beyond our control, we will not be attending face to face meetings, but will continue to update you of future developments.

With heartfelt prayers for
ישועה קרובה בדרכי נועם ובדרכי שלום
Your broken hearted grade 1-3 teachers


  • 1. NO END EVER wrote:

    Mind blowing
    Not understanding why everyone is standing quietly by about the teachers from 4-8 who have not been paid either should I be withholding my tuition checks till something is done my daughter has had a sub for the last seven weeks before pesach now the teacher can’t come back because her kids are home and how can teacher come in when they are not being paid makes no sense are they being threatened I don’t believe they come in because they LOVE the job maybe some of them but most of them not so parents from 4-8 what is being done to insure your daughters teachers can also get paid the vibe in school is HORRIBLE glad for the parents who children it goes right over there head but my daughter does not want to go to school kids feel the pressure it’s insane should we also give the money straight to the teachers and what happens to second term report cards I am paid up why didn’t I get my daughters report card because the teachers are not paid so why am I paying they always use the threat if you not paid up your daughter will not get her report card are the principals of these grade doing anything at all and if yes WHAT? How can the parents help by doing what? i am paid up to date

  • 3. Sick of this wrote:

    The first step is to open the books of machaneh yisroel of Philadelphia. That would shed a lot of light.

  • 4. say WHAT????? wrote:

    OUTRAGEOUS! No school from now till who-knows-when?

    This is illegal, and now it is time for the Board of Ed to step in and do something. It’s not just Hebrew teachers who aren’t being paid, it’s secular studies teachers and staff too.

    You can forget about being paid anything, they never pay teachers who quit & that’s what they will say you did. And we are talking about 3 grades – if the whole school had stopped, you may have gotten somewhere.

    Everyone involved is in a real mess, most of all parents and children.

  • 5. Odd wrote:

    Very weird why is only grades of 1-3 striking because they are selfish individuals. Yes, they did not get paid but why make others suffer. Parents cannot go do their work to pay the tuition now. In addition, the therapist have not been working.
    Few suggestions:
    1)Perhaps they should work and parents can give them a small tip to show their support.
    2) how come there are organizations that help rebbes by giving out gift certificates worth around $1000 by pesach, it is quite disgusting to choose rebbes over women teachers.
    3) we need to stop complaining about the executive directors that we see. There are other directors that cause much more trouble we need them to step down.or hold elections for an oversight committee that have term limits.
    4) people who buy houses then claim poverty have no excuse they should pay in full as why purchase a house before you can pay tuition. Get your priorities straight.
    5) out of town parents should pay full for every student they have enrolled including shluchim. There is no reason for the community to suffer for your children.

    In theory would be nice to accept shluchims kids for cheap. However, we don’t receive any benefits for giving them this break. Do shluchim tell their bolei batim to donate to Bais Rivkah!? We need to save our community


    • 6. say WHAT????? wrote:

      Would YOU work for free? How dare you say they are selfish. BR teachers give 1000% to their students! I am a grandparent whose granddaughter is out… and her TEACHER MOTHER has to figure out what to do, yet my family agrees with this strike.

      You signed yourself “odd.” You should sign yourself “nasty.”

    • 7. Selfish? wrote:

      When I taught, I lasted 4 months and left. I couldn’t put food on my table. How dare you call these teachers selfish! Their first priority is to their own children who they brought into this world and to provide for them not to take care of your children.

      The fact that they are striking and not looking for another job shows that they are dedicated to Beis Rivkah.

  • 8. Pity wrote:

    Paying teachers directly doesn’t make sense. There are many other expenses to running a school.
    Insurance, supplies are just a few. Teaching classes in a home is risky. Copies, paper etc.
    Wake up and fix once and for all. If possible. Other schools manage.

  • 9. The kangeroo wrote:

    It is very sad! Chabad that worries about the Jews all over the world,can not take care of its young at home.Is Chabad following the North Korean method making bigger and better missles while starving the population at home?

  • 10. Information at last wrote:

    For up to date questions answered please call the hotline on (267) 974-1366.

  • 11. Lack of Leadership wrote:

    Its really not rocket science.

    Its all about the lack of leadership, arrogance and ignorance — nothing more, nothing less.

    Its high time the little people (“the New Board”) collect their toys and leave the sand box. They did enough damage !!

  • 12. advocate!! wrote:

    a hundred families should get together and send their children to public school. This has worked wonders in other communities. This will guarantee a decent education (perhaps by Jewish teachers) and free up the financial burden so many families have.

  • 14. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Is there any serious and sane person who can help resolve the Sad Situation in School,Lman Hashem do now.

  • 15. Shoiteh wrote:

    there are other schools in crown heights: beis chaya mushka, and bnos menachem.


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