Bais Rivkah Primary Teachers Author Letter to Parents

Teachers in Beth Rivkah Elemnetary School have authored a letter to parents informing them of the current financial condition in the school, and an ultimatum that was issued to the schools director Rabbi Abraham Shemtov and the new board. If certain financial obligations cannot be met “there will be no school as of Friday, March 31.”

Adar, 5777

Dear Parents,

As teachers, we view the parent body as a partner in the education of the children entrusted to us. We feel it is important to include the parent body in major developments concerning Bais Rivkah. We are sending this letter with a heavy heart, but we have no choice.

For many years, when teachers weren’t paid, emergency meetings were called and a “financial crisis” was announced. Finally, this past September, we met with the new board of Bais Rivkah. These individuals took the financial responsibility of Bais Rivkah into their hands, and committed to pay us on time, and pay back last year’s payrolls. Unfortunately, as of today, Sunday March 26, we are three payrolls behind, and nothing has been done to address the 7 outstanding payrolls from last year!

We were very impressed by the individuals who took the enormous responsibility of becoming board members of Bais Rivkah. At the same time, we don’t believe that these board members would choose to waste their precious time, and put their credibility on the line, without knowing that they can deliver. We do not believe that they would give their word publicly, to the 200 teachers present, in front of the Aron Kodesh, if they were not sure of their ability to deliver results. Something is stopping them from accomplishing what they set out to do for our school.

We are therefore writing to you, the parents, and sharing the content of the email we sent to Rabbi Shemtov and the board. The purpose of this email is not just to collect our payroll, but more importantly to find a long term solution for the financial stability of Bais Rivkah. We are also not asking for meetings, which in the past have only proven to be a “bandage” for the dire situation. Our school deserves to have a strong financial foundation where a teacher’s main and only concern is educating our girls, and not from where and when her next paycheck will come. We urge anyone from the parent body who can get involved, to step up. Together let us take this issue and once and for all address it properly. Please help us avoid unnecessary school interruption.

Summary of email sent to Rabbi Shemtov and the new Board of Bais Rivkah:

A) We are requesting 2 outstanding paychecks paid by Monday, March 27.

B) We are requesting a written plan of how the seven outstanding payrolls from last year will be paid.

If the above items are not received, there will be no school as of Friday, March 31.

In order for school to resume after Pesach, the last two outstanding payrolls of this year, must be paid by Isru Chag.

We hope that this will be resolved in a timely fashion so that we can avoid any sort of learning interruption.

Primary teachers of Bais Rivkah
Grades 1-3

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