Matching Funds Campaign Launched for the Lipsh Family

A group of friends have banded together and launched a campaign to raise funds for the wife and two children of R’ Motty Lipsh OBM, with donations quadrupled in the next 24 hours.

A $500,000 campaign has been set up to create a lasting trust fund that will support the Lipsh Family.

As Motty was nearing his final hours, a group of friends were at his bedside singing Niggunim. They asked him to give a sign that he heard them and he weakly shook their hands. They then promised him that they will take full responsibility for his wife and children and he squeezed their hands and would not let go.

Today’s campaign is the first of many steps to fulfill that pledge and ensure his wife Yudit and their two young children, Leah (6) and Yoni (4) have a roof over their head’s and the basic life necessities covered.

Yudit immigrated from Russia at the tender and young age of 12 overcoming many challenges in her life. The only immediate family Yudit had was her mother, who tragically passed away one year ago and just one week after her husband Motty was diagnosed with the same illness she was suffering from at the time.

With her mother and now her husband gone, Yudit has no one left to count on but you and us.

An oversight committee led by R’ Menachem Gurevtich from Crown Heights has been assembled to be responsible for all funds raised during this campaign.

The committee members include R’ Menachem Gurevtich, R’ Rachamim HaCohen Eizenberg, R’ Avrohom Barness, R’ Elli Schneorson and R’ Mendy Ashkenazi, along with Rabbi Mendy Blau and Rabbi Sholom Duchman of Collel Chabad, who will manage the funds that will be raised.

3 generous groups of matchers stepped up to fund a 500,000 matching campaign… effectively QUADRUPLING every dollar donated.

It’s all or nothing, for these 24 hours.

Your $100 is worth $400

Your $180 is worth $720

Your $250 is worth $1000

Your $500 is worth $2000

Donations are tax deductible via Collel Chabad.

Make a difference in the life of Motty’s family. Click Here or Go To:


  • 1. a worthy cause wrote:

    This is a worthy cause, but isn’t every tragedy a worthy cause?
    I can’t wrap my head around how this community picks and chooses which widows to help support. What about the widow with 4 children, 2 who are special needs, this community barely raised 50k for them, are they not a worthy cause?
    Why does it seem that only those who have cool friends get the over the top support?

    • 2. Please consider monitoring comments wrote:

      You are welcome to decide where your tzedakah goes.

      You are not welcome to deter someone else from giving tzedakah.

      Admins – I’m not sure how a negative comment, like the one above, deserves to be posted.

    • 3. You are right wrote:

      Your 100% right, but these situations of who supports who etc only come from Hashem, and the same way he decides to make some rich and some poor, and it does not make any sense whatsoever its unfortunately the same in these sad situations. In my opinion

  • 4. Please donate! wrote:

    I may not have alot, but I try to give each time there is such a tragedy in our community. It breaks my heart and I beg Hashem to stop this suffering!
    I do not think that the comment above was meant to be negative, but more of an observation that would do us all well to take to heart.
    We should be giving what we can when we can to those in need, and not raise one situation above another.
    It is curious how our community (the world wide chabad) treats similar situations so differently. That is what I think the person above is trying to say, or at least what I am understanding from the post


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