Fundraiser Launched for the Ziskind Family

Following the sudden and untimely passing of Reb Yankel Ziskind OBM, his wife and four children – two of whom have special needs – are now faced with bills and expenses from medical care and the funeral, along with the future family costs. In response a fundraising campaign has been launched by Bikur Cholim.

A young Bochur taking his first steps in Yeshiva. A young Tomim under his Chupah. A young father as he gazes lovingly at his newborn daughter, followed 3 years later by triplets.

And all the milestones that lay ahead….

Who could have imagined that this loving devoted father and humble caring friend would be taken from his family before his children even reach Bar and Bas Mitzvah, at the age of 54.

So often we start our day and R’L we hear tragedy after tragedy. We stop, we say Nebach, Hashem Yerachem and quite possibly shed a tear. We may even click the donate button and then BH our lives go on. We continue with our day and responsibilities and the tragedy gets lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Yankel’s loving wife and beautiful children.

For them it will always be yesterday; the day the world stopped.

When the Shiva is over and life resumes, where can they turn when the house empties, the minyanim leave and the last caring neighbor goes home? Under normal circumstances that is a very difficult question to answer, but in this case it’s even more so.

Shoshana is now left with tremendous bills as a result of Yankel’s medical care and expenses over the last few years.

Aside from the everyday bills that have accumulated over Yankel’s illness, Shoshana also faces higher tuitions and daily care costs for 2 of her children due to special circumstances.

Adding to this daunting list is now an additional $18,000 for the funeral expenses.

With no choice remaining, we her friends and neighbors turn to you – Anash – her extended family to help us help them.

There are unfortunately many causes vying for our support. We understand and appreciate from the bottom of our hearts anything that you can do.

To donate:

Any stories and/or remembrances of Yankel can be emailed to:

All donations will be processed through Bikur Cholim of CH and are tax deductible.

For more information please email or call (718) 467-1661.

Tizku Lmitzvos, Mi K’eamcha Yisroel!!


  • 1. Please donate! wrote:

    I just donated, I am not rich by any means, but we all can give something please!!

  • 2. moshe derc g wrote:

    i just donated and so so you should you

    but lease put peoples names of who will be in charge of the money and distributing it

    all such funds should have a few people and 1 of them should be a local rabbi ( of a local shul or some mashpia) involved


    please donate

  • 5. crown heights resident wrote:

    There are many people that do not feel comfortable donating on line with credit card. could you please post an address that a check can be mailed to. To whom should the check be written out to?


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