Captain Recognized for Going Beyond Call of Duty

Coordinators of Crown Heights Shomrim met this morning with NYPD Captain Eric Worobey to thank him for going beyond the call of duty in his work together with Shomrim while he was serving as a Lieutenant in Crown Heights’ 71st Precinct.

During the two years Captain Worobey served in the 71st Precinct, Shomrim had hundreds interactions with him, including searches for missing children, many arrests, and arranging introductions with new NYPD recruits.

Through this close relationship, Shomrim was able to better fulfill its mission of protecting and serving the community.

Shomrim, a rescue and safety patrol made up entirely of volunteers, relies on the police department to protect and watch over the neighborhood. Through their partnership with the NYPD, Shomrim is able to lend a hand in assisting and protecting the residents of the community.

At this morning’s meeting, Shomrim presented Captain Worobey with a “distinguished leadership award.” It bore an inscription which read “in appreciation of your dedication and commitment to the safety and security of the residents of Crown Heights and for going beyond the call of duty in your partnership with Shomrim. Thank you.”

Captain Worobey began his career with the NYPD as an officer serving in the 67th Precinct. During his time in the 71st he was promoted to the rank of captain and was transferred back to 67th, where ne now serves as the precinct’s executive officer under the command of Deputy Inspector Jospeh Gulotta.

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  • 3. well deserved wrote:

    There have been some wonderful people serving in the 71st precinct over the years. A number of them are then promoted out, which is our loss.
    A Community Mom

  • 5. What a Mentch wrote:

    I have seen captain worobey in action and he is areal mentch. his charisma and excitement gets his officers to really follow and do an even better job.

    He is a asset to the police department and to the 67 precinct. I hope they know how lucky they are!


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