Tznius ‘Talking Windows’ Return to Kingston Ave.

by Molly Resnick

Crown Heights residents may recall seeing a 55-inch screen in Kinston Bake Shop last year during Tishrei, playing clips of the Rebbe speaking about Tznius. Well, they are about to see round two – only this time, there will be three screens in three different locations.

“Talking Windows” is the name of this new round. The title was the brainchild of master producer Ronen Peled of Kinus Hashlichim banquet fame, who contributed the clips’ introductory heading. Nor was he the only one who lent his aid and expertise to make this project happen.

JEM gave the clips and Messrs. Yonoson Hackner, Tzion Yakubov and Itzhak Batash donated a combination of moral, technical, and monetary support.

The participating stores owners are Mr. Gutman Skablo (E& I Treasure, shoe store), Mr. Salomon Gavrielov (Yehuda, barber shop), and Mr. Simcha Stroh and Mr. Gershon Newmann (Sterling Electronics).

“We hope to triple the awareness in the Rebbes’s Koch in Tznius, “said Mrs. Chana Scharf, coordinator of Bnos Melech B’Yachad, the organization behind the project, “We want to see with our eyes, the Brochos that the Rebbe reiterated so many times.”

“All in all, these “Talking Windows,” clips which will run on a six-minute loop, should be a wonderful addition to the upcoming Shluchim convention weekend.” she added.

Bnos Melech B’Yachad hopes to continue running “Talking Windows” – the Rebbe talking through the store windows of Crown Heights – for several weeks following the convention and plans to have a special production ready for Kinus HaShluchos on Chof Beis Shvat.

Any Crown Heights store wishing to host an additional screen should please email















  • 4. tznius with a shturm wrote:

    These kind of notices are the tzav hasha as kllal yisroel needs rachmei shamayim

  • 5. #2, I guess it's because... wrote:

    they figure more people might take the time to notice it now.

    Heck, I’m just glad they’re doing it! Baruch Hashem

  • 6. Just No. wrote:

    This is just preaching to the choir. Sorry. The people you think might need the message will not be stopping to watch this.

    When will Crown Heights start focusing more on Bein Adam L’Chavero and less on rebuke.

    As someone in a tough situation, whenever I ask for help here I am turned down. But when I God Forbid wear a tichel for school pickup one day, suddenly everybody knows who I am and rebuke is quick to come. Something wrong with this picture.

    • 7. to just no wrote:

      what rebuke??!! this is the opposite of rebuke!! this is the REBBE’S WORDS!! if you call that rebuke then maybe you dont belong calling yourself a lubavitcher!! if the rebbe were standing in front of you would you cry out ‘you’re rebuking me?!!’

  • 8. now because wrote:

    it feels less threatening when its done now because its less direct. – shluchim, winter.

  • 9. To#6 wrote:

    Something is wrong with this picture. Why would you wear a tichel to pick up your child from school when you know it is against the rules, and against the Rebbe’s wishes? Why should a mother confuse her children like that?
    As for being in a tough situation, Please join the choir (ugh, such a xtian expression) and maybe you will see the beauty and medusa of tznius. Not to mention that it is THE source of brachos for you and your family, and should help you out of your tough circumstances.

  • 10. Kinus Hashluchos B"H wrote:

    is going to be privileged to have
    ‘Talking Windows’ talking to the Shluchos
    as well and hopefully from even more stores.

  • 12. There is nothing wrong with a tichel!!!!! wrote:

    That is what is wrong with this neighborhood, there is nothing wrong with wearing a tichel! Better Jews than you and I have been covering their hair with a tichel or turban type covering for thousands of years. I will never understand the idea of rebuking a woman for covering her hair, no matter how she chooses to do it, whether it be a hat, a wig, or a tichel! Let’s have some ahavas yisroel and commend women for keeping this often difficult mitzvah in whatever way they see fit.

    • 13. to #12 wrote:

      please take this in consideration:
      the rebbe spoke several times against wearing tichles. SO FOR LUBAVITCHER’S FOLLOWING THE REBBE’S GUIDANCE IT IS WRONG
      also, most of those that wear tichles shave their hair, so there’s noway their hair will stick out, or worse, they’ll pull back their tichel to have som hair showing…


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