Beware of Deceptive Missionary Materials in CH

Missionary activity is nothing new to Brooklyn, please be advised, Crown Heights in particular is being littered with missionary materials aimed at deceiving Jews.

One recent example from this week, Missionaries are placing blue books entitled “the orthodox jewish bible” with an image of a large Magen Dovid, the names of the twelve Shevotim, and Rebbe Hamelech Hamoshiach on its front cover, on local streets in attempt to spark interest in unsuspecting Jews.

Please be advised, these are missionary materials aimed at converting Jews. We all need to be vigilant in regard to the source of any books or other materials found outside on local streets and ensure these materials do not wind up in the wrong hands or enter your homes as they have no place among the kedusha of the Jewish home


  • 1. anonymous wrote:

    I thought the tzfatim were doing this to try to get the goyim… I guess it’s the other way around

  • 3. Jews for Judaism wrote: offers info on how to combat these “predators”

  • 4. the real chabadnick wrote:

    its missionary????
    or mesianinc?
    was this published by the tzvatim?

  • 5. I know this book wrote:

    A few years ago someone who I met on business sent me this book, I still have it. I kept it cause I want to be able to show people what the mishichist movement has done. (I’ve posted it on the fb group “the rebbe is the messiah”) When I saw the titles they use in the book using “the Rebbe Mh”M and then including chapters such as “Igeres Hakodesh” it made me cringe.

  • 6. eet ess wrote:

    why are we so afraid of missionaries? is our stuff insecure? can we only survive in a cocoon?

  • 7. Ariela Yael wrote:

    I looked it up on and it appears to be a messianic “bible” judging by the table of contents; there is a chapter on the Messianic Bar Mitzvah. Fellow Yidden do not read this garbage!

  • 8. to eet ess wrote:

    I think what is shocking about this particular bible is that it can easily be mistaken as a tzvati handbook…this notice is just so people know this before reading through it…


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