Lubavitch of Remsen Village Celebrates Completion of 43rd Cycle of Rambam

Lubavitch of Remsen Village proudly hosted a momentous celebration on Thursday night, marking the completion of the 43rd cycle of daily Rambam study, as well as commemorating the 40th year since the Rebbe started this transformative learning program. 

The event was held in the beautifully renovated Cheder Sheni of Lubavitch of Remsen Village, drawing hundreds of participants from the local community and many more who joined through the live broadcast.

The evening’s program was rich with scholarly and inspiring presentations, complemented by a full-catered meal. The atmosphere was one of joy and unity, as attendees shared insights and reflections over delicious food, further enhancing the communal experience of the event.

The Master of Ceremonies, R’ Yisroel Silberstrom, guided the attendees through the event with grace and warmth. The Siyum of the Rambam cycle was conducted by R’ Dovid Babinet, whose words resonated with the attendees, inspiring a renewed commitment to Torah study.

R’ Osher Broh enriched the event with a profound Dvar Malchus and Hadran on the Rambam, delving into the depth of the Rambam’s teachings and their relevance to our lives. R’ Moshe Halprin presented the Pesicha of the Rambam, setting a scholarly tone for the beginning of the next cycle of study.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote address by R’ Efraim Mintz, whose captivating speech touched on the significance of continuous learning and the impact of the Rambam’s works on Jewish life and thought. His message encouraged all participants to deepen their connection to the Rebbe through the learning of Rambam.

Adding to the evening’s intellectual feast, R’ Achiezer Langsam delivered an engaging speech on innovative approaches to making the study of Rambam more exciting and accessible. Sharing successful strategies implemented in his community, R’ Langsam’s insights sparked enthusiasm and offered practical ideas for enhancing the learning experience, ensuring that the timeless teachings of the Rambam continue to inspire and engage all segments of the community.

The event not only celebrated the achievements of the past but also set the stage for the future, as participants left with a renewed zeal for learning Rambam. 

Lubavitch of Remsen Village extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers and participants who made this event a landmark occasion in the community’s history.

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