New Sefer Torah To Be Welcomed At Chabad of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Chabad of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and the Levi Family will be welcoming a new Sefer Torah this week, complete with Siyum, procession, and official welcoming ceremony.

The event will take place on Thursday, April 4th, 2024 In The Five Downtown, Playa Del Carmen.

Chababd of Playa Del Carmen is sun by the Shluchim Rabbi Mendel and Chaya Goldberg.

The Sefer Torah is being dedicated in memory of the following people:

רחל ורחמים לוי ז”ל

נורית (נוריה) עיני ז”ל

בהר סיני תמרה דלפון טלחום אברמוב ז”ל

שרה ויוסף איסקוב ז”ל

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