INBOX: Dear CH Community, Thank You

With the Shloshim event for R’ Moshe Gottlib OBM taking place this Wednesday, his wife and family have penned a thank you message to the Crown Heights Community.

Dear CH Community,

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for showing up for my family with so much love and support during our difficult time of loosing our dear husband, father and brother, Moshe Gottlieb Z”l.

You brought so much comfort to my family by showing up for minyanim, by arranging carpool rides for the high school girls and bochurim, so that my children wouldn’t be left alone during shiva, by driving up for Nichum Aveilim, by supporting us financially and by sharing with us stories of our father and husband.

May Hashem bentch you and your families with שפע ברכות, שמחות, נחת ואושר.
May we come together for joyous occasions and never know of צער.

With all our love and gratitude.
Michal Gottlieb and family

Join the Gottlib Family this Wednesday, 8:00pm at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Street for the Shloshim event.

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