Give the Bochurim Tishrei by the Rebbe

Twelve Hundred Bochurim have come to spend Tishrei by the Rebbe. 

They traveled by car, bus, train and plane for the great Zchus of being in the Rebbe’s court.

In a letter dated Tuesday Parshas Ki Setzei 5727 the Rebbe writes:

“להזמינם בשמי לבקר כאן למשך חודש תשרי הבע”ל, להשתטח על ציון כ”ק מו”ח אדמו”ר, ולהתפלל כולנו בצוותא חדא בבית הכנסת של כ”ק מו”ח אדמו”ר, ללמוד בבית מדרשו נגלה וחסידות וכו’.”

To invite them in my name, for the month of Tishrei, to daven at the Ohel of the Frierdiker Rebbe, and to daven all together in the shul of the Frierdiker Rebbe, to study in his Beis Medrash Niglah and Chassidus…

Vaad Hatmimim welcomes the Bochurim and raises funds to provide 1200 Bochurim with:

  • Three meals a day 
  • Room and board 
  • Engaging learning schedule with Roshei Yeshivos and Magidei Shiurim
  • Uplifting Farbrengens with Mashpiim
  • Visits to the Ohel 

The Rebbe’s words during a farbrengen on Matos Masei 5746:

“ואשרי חלקם וגדול זכותם – הן האורחים עצמם, והן מי שהביאם, אשר עצם פעולת הבאתם היא בגדר של צדקה, צדקה רוחנית, שבזכותה צריך משיח צדקנו לבא תיכף ומיד”

Fortunate is their lot and great is their merit – both the guests themselves and those who enabled them to come, because enabling them to come is considered Tzedaka, spiritual Tzedaka, in the merit of which Moshiach will come immediately.

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The financial numbers of hosting the Bochurim adds up to a small fortune. A fortune of over $770,000!

Why does Vaad Hatmimim undertake this annual project?

Because the Bochurim are yearning to connect with the Rebbe and it is our duty to assist.

How can Vaad Hatmimim undertake the huge financial responsibility?

Because Chassidim around the globe care about the Rebbe’s guests and feel privileged to participate in giving the Bochurim the gift of connecting with the Rebbe.

Giving to the campaign is stating loud and clear “the Bochurim want and need to feel a strong bond with the Rebbe and I want to give them this eternal gift”

Yes! I want my Tishrei to include bringing Bochurim closer to the Rebbe, the Rebbe’s Torah and the ways of the Rebbe! 

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