Tishrei 5784: The First Breakfast at Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim

Hundreds of guests who arrived in recent days to Crown Heights to be with the Rebbe during the month of Tishrei are enjoying filling meals every day in the dining hall of Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim, the largest hospitality organization in the Chabad world.

This year as well, the Eshel dining has been significantly upgraded in terms of the quality and taste of the meals, and the abundance that guests receive can certainly compete with an American breakfast…
In the coming days, before Rosh Hashanah, close to two thousand additional guests are expected to arrive, and Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim is preparing for them.

Dov Ber Hechtman presents a photo gallery from the first breakfast:

Avreimeleh Eisenstein presents video from the first breakfast, and preparations to welcome the thousands of incoming guests.

To participate in mitzvah of welcoming the Rebbe’s guests – https://charidy.com/eshel

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