Chidon Girls Winners Announced

Congratulations To The Winners!

With the participation of Hundreds of girls, tens of finalists, the winners of his year’s Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos Girl’s Division have been announced.

Bronze4Bnos Menachem Crown HeightsGittel Sternberg
Bronze5Cheder Lubavitch Chicago GirlsChava Gitel Brody
Bronze6Bais Rivkah Crown HeightsChaya Rechel Greenfeld
Bronze7Bais Chaya Mushka LALeah Gottlieb
Bronze8Cheder Chabad Baltimore GirlsChaya Mushka Labkowski
BronzeKHKCheder Chabad Baltimore GirlsChaya Mushka Labkowski
Silver4Bais Rivkah Crown HeightsChaya M Pape
Silver5MyShliachEsther Raskin
Silver6Bnos Menachem Crown HeightsDassi Marosov
Silver7Bnos Menachem Crown HeightsChaya Mushka Mishulovin
Silver8Bais Rivkah Crown HeightsBatsheva Gansburg
SilverKHKBais Rivkah Crown HeightsBatsheva Gansburg
Gold4Bais Chaya Mushka TorontoDevorah Leah Wechter
Gold4Bais Chaya Mushka TorontoChanale Mann
Gold5Beis Rivkah MontrealMussia Rader
Gold6Cheder Chabad FloridaPessi Matusof
Gold7Beis Rivkah MontrealRivka Silberstein
Gold8MyShliachFeigi Leichter
Gold8MyShliachMenucha Sternberg
GoldKHKMyShliachMenucha Sternberg

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