How Thousands of Seniors Across NYC Celebrated Purim

This Taanis Esther, the phone rang at the Lubavitch Youth Organization office. On the line was a Jewish man from the Heritage nursing home in Brooklyn. Chaim* wanted to know if someone would be coming to read the Megillah and at what time, so he can be sure to be present. 

This Purim, thanks to LYO and the Crown Heights community, Chaim*, as well as thousands of other elderly Jewish men and women, were able to hear the Megillah and celebrate Purim. 

And here is how it happened…

In the spirit of Hakhel, three mosdos and many individuals worked together to make sure each yid was taken care of. For weeks before Purim, the women of Nshei Chabad, led by Mrs. Chana Morozov, have been calling a list of nursing homes and senior centers, to find out exactly what was needed.

Rabbi Gerlitzky of Kollel Tifereth Zekeinim Levi Yitzchok has a Megillah-length list of places, and was fielding phone calls from Yungeleit, bochurim and families who were happy to bring the simcha of Purim to these Jews.

In the meantime, the girls of the Mivtzoim Shop by Lubavitch Youth Organization, led by Rivky Korf and Chaya Levy, were preparing the thousands of Mishloach Manos. There were senior-friendly and sugar-free options.

It was beautiful to see how many people participated in the preparations, from the students and teachers and groups of girls who came to pack Mishloach Manos, to the yidden shopping at Bingo who excitedly pulled out $20 bills to contribute to the seniors’ Mishloach Manos.

As Purim approached, word was put out around Crown Heights.

This year, the Crown Heights community exceeded expectations by far. More volunteers called, ready to visit more places as well as home-bound individuals. 2,500 mishloach manos packages quickly ran out, and extra supplies were ordered at the last minute.

People who couldn’t go to shul to hear Megillah or make it to a Purim party were not forgotten about. Instead, volunteers brought the mitzvos and simcha of Purim to them. Nursing homes, hospitals, and private homes felt the joy as the Megillah was read. A bochur in a clown suit, a family with young children, and girls wearing Shabbos dresses all answered the call as shluchim of the Rebbe to bring the simcha of Purim to as many Jews as possible.

To show your support and help each Yid be given the opportunity to do these Mitzvos, you can still participate in Mivtza Purim and the upcoming Mivtza Matza by donating at or$mivtzoimshop

As we approach Pesach, many plans are underway to distribute thousands of shmurah matzos and Pesach guides to the elderly Yidden, as well as leading Sedarim in nursing homes. Look out for more information in the coming days. May Hashem bench all those who took part in the mivtzoim, and send us all the Geulah Sheleima now!

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