Bochurim Prep for Large Mitzvah Tank Parade in Honor of Hakhel

In preparation for the largest Mitzvah Tank Parade to date, celebrating Hakhel and the Rebbe’s 121st birthday, bochurim worldwide are joining forces to make it a truly memorable event. Recently, dozens of 770 bochurim met to discuss the planning, coordination, and execution of this monumental occasion.

During the meeting, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon highlighted the importance of Hakhel and the parade’s role in achieving its objectives, emphasizing that the parade would help bring every Yid closer to the Rebbe.

Mendel Lerner reminded attendees of the bochurim’s responsibility in organizing the event and ensuring its success. He reiterated that the parade has always relied on the dedication and effort of the bochurim.

Chaim Piekarski urged the bochurim to contribute their time and energy to make the event even more extraordinary than previous years. He encouraged everyone to get involved as soon as possible, particularly in the fundraising and practical aspects of the parade.

Mendel Spritzer addressed the organizational side of the parade, stressing the importance of effective coordination. He discussed the various tasks that needed to be assigned and coordinated among the bochurim, emphasizing the need to distribute the workload effectively. He also highlighted the impact of last year’s parade, mentioning the substantial number of matzos distributed and people who put on tefillin.

Meir Lazarof, the Master of Ceremonies, guided the discussion and motivated the bochurim throughout the meeting.

As Yud Alef Nissan approaches, bochurim are working tirelessly to ensure a memorable and impactful event. The community eagerly anticipates the display of dedication and unity from the bochurim as they strive to bring every Yid closer to the Rebbe through this inspiring parade.

Organizers are launching a Raisethon campaign to fund the historic Mitzvah Tank Parade, contributing to this global gift for the Rebbe on the occasion of Yud Alef Nissan. To donate and join this worldwide effort, visit