Special Evening for Fathers and Sons in Moscow’s Central Shul

As the winter season comes to an end, and with Shabbos now ending later, a grand kinus was held at Moscow’s Marina Roscha shul for fathers and sons who regularly participated in the special “Avos U’vanim” program throughout the winter. Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar was there, and after walking through the shul, amongst the fathers and sons earnestly immersed in learning, he gave the keynote address for the evening. Rabbi Lazar encouraged the students to continue applying themselves to learning the holy Torah, both at home, and at shul, and to be lamplighters who are shining examples for others. He also encouraged them to initiate study partnerships with Jewish children who are not yet familiar with the holy Torah.

Every motzei Shabbos, the sweet sound of children learning Torah can be heard filling the main sanctuary as they earnestly pore over their studies together with their fathers, many of them driving in from very distant neighborhoods. This not only emphasizes to the children how important Torah study is, it also strengthens the bond between fathers and sons, and creates an uplifting Chassidic atmosphere in the entire family and home.

To sweeten the children’s experience, they receive a special nosh, as well as a raffle ticket to enter the weekly lottery for a prize. Additionally, once a year, a ticket to the Rebbe for a father and son is raffled off. This year the winner was Shneor Zalman Gross, son of the dedicated educator, and organizer of the Avos U’Vanim program, Rabbi Yeshayahu Gross. The shul’s gabbaim were happy to present Rabbi Gross and his son with their special prize. The Avos U’vanim program is just one of many meaningful programs arranged by the shul for the hundreds of children who attend it daily, weekly, and on Jewish holidays.

Photography: Levi Nazarov

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