The End of Galus is Only One Hand Movement Away

The oft-repeated phrase “Kol Haposhet Yad – Whoever holds out his hand [to ask for charity] should be given” is a Halacha in Shulchan Aruch that encourages us to generously help out a Jew in need on Purim. But to what extent can this rule be applied?

Only three weeks after the passing of the Rebbetzin on Chof Beis Shevat, Chassidim were faced with an unprecedented situation. The Purim festivities, which typically took place in the Rebbe’s presence, would now be held in the Rebbe’s home, where all other major 770 activities were being held. This lent a bittersweet feeling to the typically overjoyous festivities. This was also the first Purim without the usual Farbrengen, as the Rebbe no longer held weekday gatherings.

Yet, after Mincha on Purim, Chassidim were gifted with a pleasant surprise: the Rebbe began to speak. Adding to the joy was the fact that the hour-long address began with a Ma’amar, delivered in the tune of a Sicha.

With limited space in the Rebbe’s home, only a select few were permitted entry to the Tefillos and Megillah readings. The rest of the crowd listened in on the street outside or at 770.

During an emotionally charged moment in the Sicha, the Rebbe’s voice cracked with tears as he began to speak about the fervent wish of every Jew for an end to Galus. Quoting the above-mentioned Halacha, the Rebbe proclaimed that we should use it to demand from Hashem His speedy deliverance. We need only “hold out our hand,” and Hashem will provide us with all we need from His own outstretched hand, overflowing with blessings.

Distribution of dollars followed the Sicha. Outside, a steady rain fell unrelentingly since morning, yet crowds of people lined up on President Street for the opportunity to receive a dollar for Tzedakah from the Rebbe’s holy hand. Many children passed by in costume, and some received a special smile from the Rebbe for their joyous Purim attire.

This memorable Sicha is available in restored audio on, alongside a Yiddish transcript, concise English summary and summary from Lahak.

Audio from the years 5748 – 5752 is correctly in the process of being restored. Some 120 events from 5748 are still available for dedication at

Watch the full sicha below;e:1678157821604800;d365beab12336142288d5de6213d3e3e

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