New CKids Camp Resource Center Hopes To Revolutionize Gan Israels Worldwide

As the chill of winter sets in and the school year trudges on, thoughts of summer camp may seem distant. But for camp directors, the season is fast approaching and with it, the tremendous task of creating an experience that will stay with children for a lifetime. But what if there was a one-stop shop for all the resources needed to run a successful camp? Enter the CKids Camp Resource Center, a revolutionary new platform developed by experienced camp directors Rabbi Sholom Block and Rabbi Levi and Mushka Weinbaum.

The CKids Camp Resource Center, a first-of-its-kind site, offers a comprehensive array of resources for camp directors, including a detailed games and activity database with over 160 games and downloadable resources, an extensive administrative page with 35 budgeting scheduling and marketing materials. Additionally, the site features high-end camp activity gear at steep discounts from market prices and a list of toy and equipment ideas with exclusive discount codes.

“The CKids Camp Resource Center is a game-changer for camp planning,” said Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of CKids International. “Everything is so accessible and clear. It makes planning camp enjoyable and stress-free.”

The CKids CRC is a game-changer for Camp Gan Israel camps, which have been around for nearly 70 years. In the past, many camp directors were left to reinvent the wheel, asking each other on WhatsApp groups for templates, resources or ideas. But with the CKids CRC, everything is in one place and constantly updated.

“We felt it was needed because everyone needs the same things every year,” said Rabbi Sholom Block of Chabad Collin County, Texas. “It’s time to join forces, pool resources and create content like gameshow for the kids, technology to run the camp more efficiently, and joint discounts for superior products.”

The platform is also a valuable resource for new Shluchim directing a camp for the first time.  “The platform provides valuable support to new Shluchim,” said Rabbi Block. “It empowers them to quickly and efficiently bring their programs to a high quality level, saving them time and effort that might otherwise take years to achieve on their own.”

The CKids CRC is open to all Shluchim and offers hundreds of games and activities. “Everyone can benefit from one another,” says Mrs. Mushka Weinbaum of Chabad Birmingham, Alabama. “It’s a great way for Shluchim to share resources and ideas, and to maximize the summer camp season.”

“The camp experience is essential to a Jewish child’s development. It provides an opportunity to connect with their Yiddishkeit and build strong relationships with peers and mentors, all while having a great time,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “The new Resource Center is a powerful tool for camp directors to create that high-quality and meaningful experience that will last a lifetime.”

With the launch of the CKids Camp Resource Center, Gan Israel camp directors can now prepare for the summer of a lifetime with ease and confidence. So, if you’re planning camp this year, be sure to visit for all your camp needs.