Lively and Spotaneous Bar Mitzvah Celebration for French Chabad Boy

In the spirit of Hakhel and Chassidim Ein Mishpacha, Bachurim from YTTL and OT energized a Bar Mitzvah celebration for a French boy who came to have his Aliya by the Rebbe

Ari Afriat from Paris flew to New York with his parents to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah by the Rebbe.

Thanks to Rabbi Mendy Krinsky, on Wednesday evening, they entered the Rebbe’s home to read his new Kapitel and say Tehillim.

From there they went to 770 where Ari led a Minyan for Maariv for the very first time.

They then went to the Merkaz Sefarad Shul on Crown and Albany where they were greeted by a dozen cousins and friends and a surprise group of over 20 Yeshiva students who came to celebrate Ari’s Bar Mitzvah.

Despite a language barrier and never having known each other, the Talmidim from YTTL and OT displayed such tremendous love and Achdus, making Ari feel “one of the Chevra”.

On Thursday morning, Ari received his first Aliya, on the actual date of his Bar Mitzvah in the Rebbe’s room.

Rabbi Lazer Avtzon, Rav of the Sefardi community in Crown Heights and of Merkaz Sefarad, thanks the Hanhala and teachers from YTTL and OT for their assistance and encouragement to send over the boys, and to the parents for raising such beautiful children.

A super special Thank You to each one of the boys who exemplified true Ahavas Yisroel and what it truly means Chassidim Ein Mishpacha.

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