Now More Than Ever

While Mainstream media continues their assault on Jewish education, Oholei Torah, the flagship ליובאוויטש school for boys in Crown Heights, stands resolute in their mandate of

חינוך על טהרת הקודש, following the directives of the Rebbe. 

Oholei Torah launched their auction with the theme Timeless חסידישע חינוך, Now More Than Ever, emphasizing the importance of holding onto our timeless, חסידישע values.  

With the world changing rapidly and negative forces trying to encroach on our way of life, an Oholei Torah education empowers students to go out into the world, knowing who they are and where they came from. Oholei Torah gives their students a passion for חסידישקייט, a חיות in דאַווענינג, and the skills, ability, and passion to learn both נגלה and חסידות. 

Utilizing every tool available to ensure the diverse needs of their students are met, Oholei Torah remains true to its core חסידישע values. 

The Oholei Torah Auction is an opportunity for people to support an authentic חסידישע חינוך,

אזוי ווי אין ליובאוויטש, personalized for the unique challenges of this generation. 

With incredible prizes that are not to be missed, this auction is a chance to support Timeless חסידישע חינוך while you win big! 

It’s Time to Win: