Wednesday: and MASK Shalom Bayis Series Part #3 in collaboration with MASK is happy to announce their upcoming three part series on Shalom Bayis: “It All Starts At Home”.  A wonderful lineup of presenters will be covering three main topics.

Part one will be this Wednesday November 16, 22 Cheshvan, Mrs. Rozi Wax LMFT will address “When To Reach Out For Professional Help”.

Part two will be the following Wednesday November 23, 29 Cheshvan, Dr. Binyamin Tepfer PhD CSAT, will address “The Effects Of Technology On The Home”

Part Three will be November 30, 6 Kislev, Rabbi Joshua Marder LMFT, will address “Shana Rishona: Establishing A Solid Foundation”

The recordings of Part one and two can be found at, or

Please join us live at 8:30 PM, on