New Year, New Peulos: 24 More Mikvaos Grants Announced in Honor of Vov Tishrei

In yet another installment of this year’s Kinus Hachlatos, ahead of Rebbetzin Chana’s 58th Yartziet this Shabbos – Vov Tishrei, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of the Conference of Shluchim and Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch announced on Friday the next 24 Mikvaos grant recipients for Shluchim in communities in need of a local Mikvah.

Every year, the kinus serves as a situation room where hachlatos are made with global impact. And as much as the kinus has long-lasting results every year, this year’s kinus took an exponential turn. Standing at the podium of the Kinus banquet, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky announced an astonishing slew of hachlatos, tackling all areas of the Jewish community life in honor of Rebbe’s 120th year, a call to“Triple Our Efforts” in our mission to become a “Dor Shekulo Zakai.”

As a result of the Hachlatos, hundreds of Chabad House communities worldwide have been bolstered on numerous fronts, with a total of 36 new Sifrei Torah being written for communities without their own and grants for 120 Mikvaos being distributed this year, along with 120 New Shluchim, 120 CKids Hebrew Schools, and 6 CTeen Lounges, with more recipients being announced over the coming months. An Israeli Desk working with the network of shluchim serving Israelis in the Diaspora was launched as well. The Simcha fund and Yom Tov grants were reinstated, with more than 1,000 Simcha Fund grants and 3,000 Yom Tov Grants distributed already.

The latest batch of Mikvaos grants announced ahead of the Rebbe’s mothers Yahrzeit are the newest installment of this grand undertaking, and come at an appropriate time. “The Rebbe spoke numerous times regarding the significance of the name Chana alluding to the three mitzvos of challah, niddah, and hadlakas neiros,” said Rabbi Kotlarsky, “How appropriate that on the eve of her yartzeit 24 more communities will have the opportunity to fulfill the special Mitzvah of Mikvah connected to her name.”

In addition to the grants, numerous workshops and programs have been created to complement and amplify the impact of these critical undertakings. Workshops such as the Yesodos Seminar for new Shluchim and Shluchos, CKids Hebrew School Teacher Training and Kallah Teacher training seminars attended by hundreds of Shluchim and Shluchos, and organized by Merkos 302 took place over the past year, with more in the works.

“The ultimate goal of these commitments is to strengthen the global Jewish community,” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “our team is working around the clock to create holistic and innovative programming to help the Shluchim engage, educate and grow their communities, using these new grants as a catalyst.”

Immediately after the initial Kinus announcement, numerous individuals looking to make a global impact and support the network of Shluchim stepped forth to partake in the tremendous undertaking, including The Rohr family, the Tabacinic family, the Meromim Foundation, the Yisroel Foundation, the Mashiyev Family Foundation, the Azar family, the Gniwisch family, and the tens of shluchim who have brought their donors on board to support these initiatives.

Grant applications are still open for Shluchim, visit to apply for a grant for your Shlichus.

If you’d like to sponsor a Sefer Torah, Mikva, or New Shliach, please reach out to Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky at 

The latest recipients of the Mikvaos grants are:

Rabbi Laima and Mushkie BarberGrand Baie, Mauritius
Rabbi Mendel and Nechama DanowPensacola, FL
Rabbi Shaya and Devorah DeitschFort Washington, PA
Rabbi Levi and Fraida GerlitzkyKailua-Kona, HI
Rabbi Mendy and Alta GoldsteinNaperville, Il
Rabbi Yerachmiel and Sterni GorelikTyumen, Russian Federation
Rabbi Yosef and Sterna HavlinFrankfurt, Germany
Rabbi Shalom Dovber and Devorah HertzlChad Nas, Israel
Rabbi Aryeh and Devorah LangCamarillo, CA
Rabbi Yechezkel and Chaya Mushka LazarSimferopol, Crimea
Rabbi Mordy and Nomi LeimdorferHarrisonburg, VA
Rabbi Yossi and Esther LermanNorcross, GA
Rabbi Shmuel and Hava LewinDeauville, France
Rabbi Moshe and Chana LieblichWilmington, NC
Rabbi Yosef and Sara MoscowitzChicago, IL
Rabbi Binyamin and Davida MurrayMiddlebury, VT
Rabbi Yosef and Hinda PlotkinGreensboro, NC
Rabbi Michoel and Chana RefsonAthens, GA
Rabbi Meir Simcha and Fraidy RubashkinOneonta, NY
Rabbi Yosef and Chaya SpalterPine Brook, NJ
Rabbi Dovid and Goldie TiechtelChampaign, IL
Rabbi Avremel and Shulie VogelNewark, DE
Rabbi Levi and Sara VolovikPittsfield, MA
Rabbi Tzali and Rivkie WilschanskiKenosha, WI