Kovetz Limud Published By Yagdil Torah For Vov Tishrei

On Vov Tishrei we mark the Yom Hillulah of Rebbetzin Chana. The Rebbe encouraged us to learn from her ways for she was a true paradigm of an “Eizer K’negdo.” This publication includes stories from the Rebbetzin’s life, as well as a full selection of chapters of Mishnayos that begin with the letters of her name.

The publication will be available in local shuls, at the Heichal Halimmud, and at Yagdil Torah’s office.

Audio shiurim on the Mishnayos

If you would like the audio shiurim as a whatsapp voice note and the mishnayos as a pdf in whatsapp please message 347.223.5943

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