Mikvah.org: Preserving Female Fertility

Do you have a daughter, a  niece, or a cousin or do you know any other older single girls who were not yet blessed with a shidduch? 

A very important aspect on their mind is fertility, which unfortunately, does have an expiration date, placing pressure on the process of finding the bashert.  

Help raise awareness on the topic of preserving female fertility by publicizing a very eye opening, and informative Q & A interview with Rabbi Chaim Brikman who discusses all the options and Halachos involved for future fertility.  

Premiering this Wednesday August 17, 20 Av, 8:30 PM at mikvah.org/live.

Please share this information with family and friends so we can spread the awareness in our community.

This will also be available on our podcast the following day at mikvah.org/audio.