Tens of Thousands Visit Chabad Hospitality Tent During the Yartzeit of The Holy Arizal

As is its annual practice, the Kiryat Chabad Association in Tzfas led by the Shliach Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, set up a huge hospitality tent for those who visited Tzfas commemorating the Yartzeit of the Arizal. Over ten thousand packages were distributed to guests for the Hilula meal.

A huge video screen projected videos of the Rebbe for all, highlighting the merit of the holy day and the importance of studying the inner aspects of the Torah. Fascinating lessons in the Torah of the Baal Hilula were given by Rabbi Assi Spiegel od Miron and the famous lecturer Rabbi Menachem Mintzberg. Hundreds of Chasidic books on the inner aspects of the Torah were sold at subsidized prices.

This year, to mark the 450th anniversary of Hilula, the completion of a Sefer Torah was held in Tzfas. Exactly one year ago, the writing of the sefer began during the Hilula, and was continued throughout the year. In the presence of a large crowd, the last letters of the Sefer Torah were written.

A special message was distributed to the thousands of participants regarding the necessity of learning the inner aspects of the Torah in our generation, as the Arizal said, “It is precisely in these last generations that it is permitted and commanded to discover this wisdom.”

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