NCFJE to Host Siyumim on Radio and Livestream

As has been tradition for many years, the NCFJE will be hosting Siyumim on the radio during the 9 days. In recent years the Siyumim are also streamed live online on

The Rebbe requested Siyumim be done on the radio to reach a broad audience to increase in joy during this time of year in a way that is halachically permissible.

One year, when rabbi Hecht wrote to the Rebbe that the Siyumim had been arranged the Rebbe responded:

“ויה”ר שההחלטה עדכ”ז בפ”ע – תקרב סיום הגלות ומתוך שמחה שלמה אעה”צ”

“May it be that just the resolution to do it should bring the end of exile with complete joy. Azkir al hatzion”