Niggun Simcha With Simcha Friedman

About a month after the release of the song “Roeh Echod“, the Hassidic singer Simche Friedman is releasing a new and Hassidic single today, a bouncy and exciting Chabad melody that is all joy, just like its name – “Niggun Simcha“!

In the Chabad Nigunim book, Nigun appears in the “Niggunei Simcha” division as ניגון קנ”ז, hence its name. This Niggun is slightly different from the other Niggunim in this category because it has four parts and not three, and it is reminiscent in its structure and special style of “Dokshitzer Niggun” that Friedman published about four years ago.

Chaimke Hadad is in charge of the musical production.

In the book “Hayom Yom” it is stated: “Chassidic Niggun strengthens Emunah and Bitachon, brings joy and places the house and the members of the household in the ray of light.”

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