Chitas Guide App Releases Gimmel Prakim Rambam to Their Interface

Upon popular request (and in honor of the Siyum HaRambam), The Saber Team just rolled out an update on IOS and Android that has easy access for learning 3 chapters of Rambam on their Chitas Guide App.

The Chitas App has been downloaded by thousands of daily users, and is one of the most successful Chitas-Oriented Online Platforms to date.

The most notable features on the app:

– Daily Multiple-Choice Quiz of the Tanya

– Daily Multiple-Choice Quiz of the Chumash with Rashi

– Easy-Access to Popular Chitas Resources (like Inside Chassidus, Chitas for Kids, Rabbi Gordon’s Shiurim, and quick-links to

– A User-Friendly Tracking Program for Logging the Chitas and Rambam to Catch Up

This Three-Chapter Rambam Update has been sponsored by Estate Diamond Jewelry to celebrate the launch of their new line of Antique Georgian Engagement Rings.

In addition to adding the 3-Perakim of Rambam to the app, the developers also ran many updates to the functionality and UX of both apps.

Future plans for the app include a daily quiz for Rambam, a forum for Chitas Questions and Answers, and Social Media Integration.

Download the App for Apple:

Download the App for Android Google Play Store:

To learn more about the Chitas App, visit the Chitas Developer Page

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