Meaningful Interviews: Rabbi Meir Plotkin #2 –From Torah Vodaas to Lubavitch, Reb Shmuel Zalmanov, Reb Zalman Gurary and other Chasidim

Rabbi Plotkin was born in Montreal after his father emigrated from Russia in 1904. He attended the local yeshiva, and at age fourteen transferred to Yeshiva Torah Voddas in Brooklyn. He was introduced to Chabad by Sholom Ber Gurkov who cared for him like a brother.

After two years in Torah Vodaas, and meeting Shmuel Lew, he transferred to the Lubavitch yeshiva in Montreal and became a complete Lubavitcher there. In 1965 he married the oldest daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak Hendel, the Rav of the Lubavitcher community. He merited raising a Chasidic family with much Chasidic Nachas.

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