Shluchim Unite to Say Thank You!

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch encourages Shluchim to unite to say thank you to Crown Heights Hatzalah.

In a memo to Shluchim, Rabbi Kotlarski pointed out that what’s one special thing that the CKids Shabbaton, CTeen Shabbaton, CYP Encounter, Chabad on Campus Pegisha, JLI Shabat in the Heights and Kinus Hashluchim/os all have in common? Along with family visits to Crown Heights, trips to the Ohel with baalebatim, and so many more occasions?

Crown Heights Hatzalah has always been there for the Shluchim and their guests, volunteering their time and efforts to keep them and their community members safe during their time in New York.

This week, during Hatzalah’s annual fundraiser, is an opportunity to give back and show Hatzalah how much their dedicated work is appreciated.

Please join us in supporting this very important cause by donating to the Hatzalah-thon using the “Shluchim Team” link at

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