Rabbi Barber Speaks Halacha With Online Dayanus Program

This past week, renowned Dayan and speaker Rabbi Yaakov Barber, gave a special Shiur to the talmidim of Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha Dayanus program. 

The class covered many practical discussion on issues which arise in Bais Din, such as different situation of Edim for Kesuba, and the like. 

This class is one of various classes led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm. Alongside Smicha courses and other classes, the Dayanus course is a great program one can join to enjoy structured and enjoyable learning, with a goal in mind. 

A new class of Dayanus will be starting after Shavuos. To join this class or any other of the programs classes, please contact admin@onlinesmicha.com or visit onlinesmicha.com

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