Third Week Of Tahara Review for Men A Success

As the third consecutive week commences, the Machon ‘Taharas Habayis’ marks a milestone.

For the English track’s 3rd class of the ‘Taharas Habayis’ series we were honored to hear from Rabbi Yehuda Leib Altien. Rabbi Altien is the famed translator of the authoritative ‘Tahara Kahalacha’ Sefer by noted Rabbi Horav Yekusiel Farkash Rav and Posek in Yerushalayim.

The shiur was skillfully delivered simplifying the family calendar alongside many other areas in halacha.

The series in Hebrew with Rabbi Avrohom Rainitz was packed with knowledge as it was with participants.

All felt well equipped with practical ‘know-how’ of all variations of vestos.

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