They Too Deserve The Wedding Of Their Dreams!” Less than 15 HOURS LEFT

KSCVK launched their campaign yesterday and are already more than 50 % there! Help them reach their goal of 400,000$, allowing hundreds of chasanim and Kallohs to live the dream of their wedding day. We’ve got less than 15 hours, let’s make this happen!

Mrs. Devorah Benjamin- We’ve seen her around, we’ve benefited from her work, now let’s be there for her! 

All Crown Heightsers can surely agree that one of the iconic features of our always happening and vibrant neighborhood is the KSCVK booth in which Devorah sits day in day out, collecting money for the many Chasanim and Kallohs she assists. Her hours are given over to others and her energy spent bringing them joy. 

If she can be so selfless, let’s show that we can too! 

“They too deserve the wedding of their dreams!”

In every little girl’s dream of her future, she sees herself in a long and beautiful white gown, face beaming, veil flowing. She imagines the type of music that will play, the people she will greet, and the way she will dance. Her playtime is wedding dressup. As she matures, her visions of her wedding day become increasingly real and meaningful. It is as she actually approaches her wedding day that these dreams crystalize in her mind. 

Many times though, these images are unfortunately blurred by the worries and stress of real life- the expenses her family is experiencing and the fear of how they will have the money for such an event. The caterer, the hall, the flowers, the gown… the list is endless and the bills are many. That’s why, KSCVK takes the initiative. They help create the kind of joy that lasts a lifetime, bringing back the wedding images the girl had always dreamt of. 

As they work to reach their goal, be a part of their special work! Help them reach as many chasanim and Kallohs as they can- each one building another home in Klal Yisroel. 

By giving we are showing our care, both for KSCVK and for the people they touch.

Donate generously at “KSCVK Give Today”!