Businessmen, Bochurim Get Tested For Smicha

As part of the Smicha programs offered by Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha, over 40 Talmidim got tested in recent weeks, and more tests scheduled in the near future for other groups.

The groups have been tested by Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat of Kolel L’Horaa Maasis and a known Dayan, and by Rabbi Yisroel Noach Raichik who was recently appointed as the new Rov for the Chabad community in Los Angeles.

The Talmidim have shown great knowledge and fluency in the materials and impressed the Rabbonim very much. “Learning with Rabbi Wilhelm is so thorough, deep, and informative that when you come to the test you really feel prepared and fluent in the material.” Says talmid David Katz, an attorney from Atlanta, GA.

Machon Lehoraa is a unique program that offers live interactive Shiurim, alongside charts, recordings, mock tests, and many other tools which are designed to give a strong learning environment for online learning.

For more information about class openings and upcoming courses visit Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha’s website at or email

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