Mechanchim Mark Hei Teves With A Combo Event

Over 50 Crown Heights educators gathered in the kollel building (as well as many online participants) for a special combo event marking 35 years of Hei Teves, arranged by Lubavitch Chinuch organization Igud Hamelamdim.

“The words of the Rebbe (sichas Hei Teves, 5748)-‘true evidence of Didan Notzach, the victory of the Seforim, is through increasing Torah learning, particularly with a learning partner’  was the impetus for arranging this event,” explains Igud Hamelamdim Director, Rabbi Avrohom Bluming.

The event began with an hour of Chavrusa learning, topped off with a captivating presentation by Chief Librarian of the Rebbe’s Library and author of numerous Seforim, Rabbi Sholom Ber Levine.

Rabbi Levine’s presentation was unique. He began by recounting the Rebbe’s declaration that the day of Hei Teves will eternally be an auspicious date for wonders in regard to Seforim. “And this year,” he explained with great exuberance, “I’ve seen four wondrous occurrences regarding the Seforim of the Rebbe’s Library, transpire right now and within the recent few weeks leading up to this Hei Teves!”

“What an enjoyable event!” enthused Rabbi Shloime Schvei, a rebbi in Oholei Torah.  “Throughout the 24-hour period, we were privileged with varied Seforim sales, as per the Rebbe’s directive. It was so meaningful to culminate the day with this special event!”     
Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, director of Igud Hamelamdim is passionate about utilizing every opportunity to benefit mechanchim. ”They are the backbone of a stronger, richer chinuch for our children, to help them shine in their yiddishkeit in this turbulent world.”

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