Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, Joins Chanukah in the City

In a public celebration of unity, Chabad Youth NSW, CBDChabad Sydney and the Sydney Jewish community hosted the Giant-Menorah lighting ceremony to celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.

The evening shared light and inspiration after the extended periods of lockdown and issolation.

The Song of Oseh Shalom was sung by Cantor Yehoshua Niasoff in tribute to the victims of the Sydney Siege that took place only metres from the Menorah location back in 2014.

Rising close to 10 metres high, the giant menorah (candelabra) was lit using a cherry picker.

“Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem and overthrow of the tyrants more than 2,000 years ago,” said Rabbi Elimelech Levy, Director of Chabad Youth NSW. “It is an occasion for all men and women to demonstrate their support for the peace, unity and the freedom we are so lucky to enjoy here in Australia.”

Around the world, giant Menorahs are lighting up major public places by government representatives. In Australia, prime ministers, governors-general and premiers have participated, confirming their policies of tolerance and religious freedom.

Participants at the Chanukah in the City celebration enjoyed entertainment, food and Music. Jam donuts, traditional Chanukah treats gifts for all the children and some won more too.

The event was organised by Rabbi Elimelech Levy of Chabad Youth NSW and Rabbi Danny Yaffe of CBDChabad Sydney.

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