Jewish Pride in Germany In Front Of More Then 5000 Fans

Kiddush Hashem makes sports history with Hanukkah Ice Hockey game in Germany

For the first time in the history of the German Professional Ice Hockey League, a Chanukkia was lit in the middle of the ice last Sunday at the Yayla Arena in Krefeld, Germany in front of over 5,000 fans, bringing the miracle of Hanukkah to the heart of the city.

“Religion and sports is a complicated topic and no one knew how the many thousands of fans would receive our action. As expected, it was an overwhelmingly positive response.” Said Rabbi Yitzchak Mendel Wagner.

The game was broadcast on television, including a lengthy interview.

Several newspapers as well as the website of the German Hockey League reported on the action. Over 2 million (!) listeners in Germany heard an interview on Hanukkah on Deutschlandfunk.

Certainly the Chanukkia helped Krefeld to win 6 to 3 against Düsseldorf.

The project came about through an initiative of the association “Hockey is diversity” (Dr. Martin Huyn), which among other things works against racism and anti-Semitism in sports, in cooperation with the Jewish community in Krefeld.


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