Mikvah.org: When Abuse is in the News

How do we navigate difficult conversations with our children when abuse is in the news? Does it affect the narrative at all?

Mikvah.org and Safety Kid of Crown Heights present an opportunity today for an informative conversation with Torah educators Sara Morozow and Rivky Boyarsky with the founder of Safety Kid and therapist specializing in child abuse, Mrs. Debi Fox, LCSW at 1 PM Eastern today mikvah.org/zoom.

This session will be recorded and available on our podcast at mikvah.org/audio. Please like and subscribe to the podcast to help everyone find it!

P.S. We are also on week #3 of our online zoom review. Tonight we will be covering the halachos of calendar with Mrs. Chaya Klein at 8:30 PM Eastern. Register for the link at mikvah.org/events.

Did you want to catch up on sessions 1&2? They are available at mikvah.org/media!

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